More Prefab House Design Photos

I introduced this house a few weeks ago in my Stunning Prefab House Design post. I have created many more drawings and computer models of it since then.
On the left is a drawing I made from an image of the great room in this house. In the middle is a rear exterior drawing I made of the house from the image. I loved all the different levels with many decks in the back of this house. Lastly on the right, is the front sketch of the house and the computer image which was featured here.

Here is the floorplan of the house. On the left is the first floor, with a garage, family room, bed, bath, and laundry room. In the middle is the main floor, with a large deck and the great room and master bedroom. On the right is the third floor studio.

Here are some "glass house" images of the house that I made on the computer.

(You can click on any of the images above for a larger view)