Stunning Prefab House Design

Today was just one of those days that wouldn't have been complete without a little architecture. These are my favorite type of days. Inspired by modern prefab houses, I designed this house first on the computer and hope to soon finish the interior but the exterior was so fun that I couldn't stand to not play around with it a little. So I printed out a picture of the 3D computer generated image and traced it. Then I used my handy dandy colored pencils to color it.
The design of this house is very dramatic yet minimal and clean. The garage is at the front of the home, at an angle to the center of the house. The landscape angles up (which by the way is extremely challenging to do on the computer software I use) to the front door. The porch wraps almost all the way around the house. On the first "basement" floor is the garage, a family room, and bedrooms. On the second "main" floor is the open great room and master suite in the angled addition to the right . The third floor is an open studio and deck space perfect for an artist. Although you can't see it in this photo, the back of the house rests on the edge of a dramatic cliff. The main floor has a  gorgeous pool and patio area. The second floor has a large deck and outdoor kitchen which opens to the pool below. The third floor also connects with the levels below. This house is truly stunning no matter which angle you look at it.
Look for interior photos soon!

If walls could dream... they'd dream of stunning and dramatic exterior design.