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Cal Poly SLO Arch 131 Kit

The initial excitement of getting into Cal Poly has worn off and now you are faced with a long (and expensive) list of tools and supplies you need to get before classes start. Not to mention the expense and stress of getting everything for your dorm room, this time in your life is thrilling but also exhausting. It exhausts your energy and your wallet. Goodbye, summer babysitting money! Here's a few things I wish I would've known back when I was a freshman and some tips about that Arch 131 kit. Just a disclaimer before I start, everyone has personal preferences when it comes to architecture supplies and I went through the first year curriculum a few years ago so things might have changed a little bit.

The Arch 131 Kit The Arch 131 Kit is a list of analog architectural drawing and model making tools and supplies you will use in your studio classes first year and on. It's essential to have the basics but some things are more critical than others and everyone has their own pre…

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