Colorado Architecture

Boulder has some beautiful architecture, walking downtown Pearl Street is a must but you can see lots of cute houses just by driving around town.

Visitors Center

Old Dining Hall building

Houses on Pearl Street

Unique office building on Pearl Street

Denver has a great mix of more modern skyscrapers and smaller brick buildings with a lot of character. One of my favorite parts of the city was Larimer Square.



New York or Denver?

Beautiful modern fenestration

And of course, I had to make the pilgrimage to Libeskind's Denver Art Museum.

The details on the outside were exquisite

and the lighting on the inside and the layering of space was breathtaking.

Another cool building in Denver is REI. It's a historical railway building that was converted.


Denver had it's fare share of unique buildings as well, including this milk-pail icecream shop (with THE BEST icecream! Totally worth the wait!) and this unique house entryway.

I ended my time in Colorado with a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

Not only are the rock formations themselves amazing, but so is the way the architects seamlessly integrated the built elements to make the venue functional.

If you look closely at the upper left you can see the Denver skyline.

The backdrop of the stage is a natural rock formation that the lighting designer can project lights on during the show to create different looks.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of being in Red Rocks.