About Me

Hello my name is Hannah. Thanks for visiting my blog, If Walls Could Dream. It's my personal documentary on becoming an architect.

          I'd like to think that I've always been interested in architecture. I've been drawing maps and houses ever since I could hold a crayon! When I got my first computer at age nine, I started using Home Designer to draw floorplans. My first designs were boxy, with giant rooms, lots of furniture, and no hallways. After watching countless hours of HGTV shows such as Trading Spaces, Color Splash, and Divine Design, my designs became more realistic. I also had drawing "lessons" with my grandfather, an advertising artist from the days before computers. He taught me about perspective and helped me build my first architectural model. I have done two internships with architectural firms in my home town. Now I will be attending Cal Poly to study architecture.

          In 2010, I started this blog to document my growing stack of architectural drawings. I named it "If Walls Could Dream" because every wall I draw gets me closer to my dream of being an architect.
I find inspiration all around me, from going on local home tours, to researching classic architects, to traveling, to reading modern architectural blogs and magazines. I love to think about how architecture influences lifestyle and I truly believe that architecture has the power to change the world. (And I plan on using that power to its fullest!)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Let me know what you're dreaming about by leaving me a comment at the bottom of your favorite post. And keep dreaming!!

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