Hearst Castle

Yesterday I visited Hearst Castle for the first time. I was blown away by the estate, designed by Julia Morgan in the 1920s. The amount of detail in every aspect of the design was incredible. Every tile seemed like it was hand-selected.

The Neptune pool was closed for renovations but it was still incredible to see. My tour guide described how Julia incorporated antique and replica sculptures into the architectural decoration.

There are a number of guest houses on the property that surround the central Casa Grande.

They all have exquisite views of the ocean and immaculate gardens.

The tile work also really impressed me. Julia Morgan is known for designing her own tiles for projects and I loved the contrast between the blue and white custom tiles and the red terra cotta tile.

This is one of the towers in the Casa Grande. The two towers peek in and out of the trees as you approach the castle.

The front facade of the Casa Grande. It has a mix of styles and looks almost like a European cathedral.

The inside is just as beautifully decorated. Hearst loved antiques and art.

My favorite room was the Roman Pool. I had seen pictures of it before but to be there in real life was magnificent. The blue tiles sparkle and the water is perfectly clear. My favorite part is the cantilevered diving platform that adds depth to the space. If you ever have a chance to visit Hearst Castle, I think you should go just to see this one room.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of traveling back in time at Hearst Castle.