Design Village 2016

Design Village 2016 was a success! You can read about my project inTENTse here. I wanted to share some of my classmates' work as well. Everyone had such different and interesting solutions to the same design problem: How do you build a structure for five people that is light enough to carry into the canyon but sturdy enough to support you through the night?

This project was right next to mine and it was lovingly called the hamster ball. The group rolled it up the hill and made a circular bed out of saran wrap in the center. To everyone's surprise, it held up beautifully through the night.

Another rolling project, this one had hammocks in the center. You can see the permanent architectural structures in Poly Canyon in the background of this image. 

There were so many different solutions, with materials from balloons to bamboo, but each embodied the certain things that team of students had, to borrow Cal Poly's motto, "learned by doing."
This event happens every year at Cal Poly's open house weekend and I'd encourage everyone to go and check out the projects.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of being the walls of Poly Canyon on Design Village weekend.