Gamespace Part 3

After finishing the models for each game, we picked our favorite 3 to redo with the added parameter that you have to build half an inch up from the starting plane and half an inch down.

The first model I redid was for 2048. I wanted to really focus on the next two moves in the game: the pieces sliding across the top and then up in the second to the left column, so I made those two pathways extend out. The other parts of the grid where the tiles are locked I pushed in at varying depths to represent that some of the tiles would be harder to move or combine than others. This turned out to be my favorite model of the set.

Next, I redid the Minecraft model. I wanted to focus on the movement of the character around this corner so I made a triangular path on the ground that wraps behind the diamond shape to a hole in the side of the model. This ended up as my least favorite model because I feel like it's an awkward shape overall and I wasn't sure how to combat that.

Finally, I redid the Alto's Adventure model. I changed the perspective of the model, looking at the snowboarder's perspective, not the player's. The snowboarder is going down a hill and over a jump with trees to either side. I simplified that down to vertical lines extending up and a triangular shape extending inward.