Frog House with Blue-Gray Kitchen

A few weeks ago I sketched the frog house, named for its modular and frog-shaped floorplan with a great room in the center and two bedroom "legs" off an L-shaped hall.

Then, I modeled the house in Home Designer. (And had lots of fun with the paint color!)

As you can see, the floorplan stayed largely the same with a few minor modifications in the bathrooms.

I chose to put the bathroom in the guest bedroom "leg" off the hall instead of off the bedroom. I took the design one "leap" further and separated the sink area from the rest of the bathroom.

I chose a bold color in the kitchen as well with blue-gray cabinets and white marble countertops/backsplash and a white island with butcherblock.

Spoiler alert: I'm also modeling this house in SketchUp to have more freedom with the sculptural design. Check back in soon to see the finished model!

If walls could dream... they'd dream of animal-inspired houses coming to life!