On the bus ride to and from a leadership camp I attended this past week, I made some sketches. The views from the bus were outstanding and an inspiration to all of the sketches in general.

 In addition to being a beautiful and spacious 3 bed 2.5 bath house, the above design has a series of decks leading down to a pool area.

Inspired by train tracks on the mountainside, the Rail House is a long and small home built into the hillside with a living green roof. You enter into the living room with a small dining area and an open kitchen layered behind it. Passing through the bathroom, you come to the bedroom and the back deck. Windows along the side of the building provide ample light and beautiful views.

Experimenting with the layering of space in a retail setting, this indoor mall design uses a variety of textures and levels to create a dimensional space.

The bus stopped for a while next to a meadow, which inspired this tent-like house design. 

Experimenting again with retail design, I created this downtown area. The contrasting shapes and materials as well as the incorporation of plants create an inviting atmosphere.

This house, nicknamed the Frog House for its angular shape, reminding me of a frog about to leap into the air, connects the different wings of the house (great room, kids' room, master suite) with an airy hallway.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of sketching on the bus.