Before I Graduate Wall

Inspired by the public art piece Before I Die, I created a giant chalkboard wall that invites local high school students to complete the sentence "Before I graduate I want to..." with a goal or dream they have for their time in high school. The wall has spent the past month at various high schools in the area and has been filled up over and over with the goals of the students there.

I decided to construct the wall out of three wooden panels (recycled doors), with the "Before I Graduate..." title stretching across the top and "I want to________" prompts on each side.

I cut the stencils out by hand,

and then spray painted them on the recycled doors which were painted with chalkboard paint.

Then I simply screwed the doors together, added a brace across the top and some PVC chalk holders, and took it out to the schools!

The student reaction was overwhelming!

And entertaining!

Before it graduates, this wall dreams of touring the world! Or at least the county school district... And inspiring youth and community members to dream BIG!