Architecture is...

I've been blogging about architecture for almost four years now, and asked a lot of walls why they're dreaming, but I haven't really stopped to ask myself why architecture is so important to us as a society. I think it boils down to three main points; that architecture is personal, timeless, and everywhere.

Architecture creates unique and memorable experiences for us all. We all live in a house, in architecture. And it has a huge effect on our lives. It serves as the background, the setting, where life takes place. Architecture is unique to every one of us, but it's universal to everyone. It creates community.

Architecture connects us to our past and will propel us into our future. Styles may change over time. By understanding these styles, we get to know life in that time period a little more. Frank Gehry once said that "Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Architecture is in every place and every detail. No matter where you go in the world, in any climate and any culture, you'll find architecture. But the success of architecture lies in its details. It's the details (the materials, the lines, the shapes, the use of light, etc.) that make or break the experience of a building.

And to me, architecture is everything. It's all about problem solving and critical thinking, yet it's also creative and tangible and inspiring. It's the perfect mix of math and engineering with art and design. It has the power to change the world. I feel so lucky that I've found this passion for architecture and I love to tell people about it! In fact, this Saturday I'll be speaking about architecture and some of the principles I've shared above at TEDxYouth@GrassValley. Wish me luck! And I'll keep you updated on how it goes and post the video of my talk as soon as it's published!