Sculpture 1: Line, Shape, and Form

I just finished my first work for the sculpture class I'm taking. We focused on line, shape, and form in this initial project, using bamboo skewers, paper, and lots of hot glue.
I saw this first project as a time to experiment and play with the rules of design. At first, I played with interlocking hexagons, but it didn't really amount to much.
I also experimented with a "looking box" idea, a plain box with layers of geometric and textural experiences inside, but that didn't hold my attention for too long.
I finally decided that I wanted to play with form and repetition. I took the form of a cube, cut out one side, and then stretched and squished, twisted and tweaked, until it was just right. Then I built a duplicate on top of that "cube". I used alternating horizontal and vertical sticks on one face of each of the "cubes" to define the "faces".
After some more thought, I decided to continue playing with this piece and constructed some more levels for this structure, seemingly defying gravity, and topping it in a slender point. I also added paper to the remaining "face" on each cube.
(In case you were wondering, it's a fairly small sculpture, about 8" tall.)
These stick and paper faces help guide your eye around the piece.
The sticks alternate direction as you go up and culminate in a starburst design on the top triangular face.
 All in all, I think it was a very successful project. The use of repetition in the cube shapes and the face materials creates unity, yet the variation in size, shape, and angle of these sections gives it a playful and interesting feel.
If walls could dream... they'd be dreaming of how my next sculpture project will turn out... I know I'll be!