Throwback Thursday: Meet the RAs

This Thursday, I’m throwing it back to just about a week ago, introducing you guys to the last two RAs from Cal Poly’s Summer Architecture Workshop, Kristin and Ryan!

Ryan was first introduced to architecture in fourth grade when he did a project on Frank Lloyd Wright. Similarly, Kristin was introduced to architecture in fifth grade when she did a project to design and build a house. They both did the workshop when they were in high school. Kristin’s favorite project in the workshop was a playground area she designed. Ryan said the workshop was his first taste of what being an architect really was. And he obviously loved it, because he’s going into his fourth year here at Cal Poly and will be studying abroad in Copenhagen. Kristin is going into her fifth and final year here at Cal Poly and will be working on her thesis project all year. They are both interested in digital fabrication. Ryan says that digital fabrication gives you an advantage when looking for a job because you’re familiar with all the newest technology. Kristin chose to be an RA for the workshop because it’s nice to watch us become “little designers,” all nervous at the beginning and doing amazing work by the end. She loves being in studio with us and wants to be a TA once she graduates. The family environment with the staff is really nice too. She often tells us that she’s practicing her parenting skills on us. Ryan had such a good experience in the workshop when he was in high school, that he felt almost obligated to help other students discover their passion for architecture and see how much fun it is to study at Cal Poly. And he definitely does, always playing games and making everyone laugh. He also loves to go hiking and take landscape photography in his free time. Because there are so many things you can do in architecture, Ryan advises future students to find what you really enjoy and dive into that. Kristin’s advice to future architectural students would be to follow your intuition. Your professor will set rules and boundaries for your projects but it’s up to you to determine your education so find your voice and let your intuition drive your projects and choices.