Photo and Light Projects

After our photo safari on Friday, we printed out two of our pictures and mounted them on cardstock. Then we made 3D structures focusing on the planes and lines of the photos.
I used spiraling wire to unite the planes of my photos and to accentuate the dots in one of the photos. I also used wood strips to move your eye around the piece just like the lines of the other photo help move your eye around.
Today our project was to make a light box that was the "inverse" of our photo project. 
I started by making a tube out of white paper with a rectangle at the end. I colored one side red so the color would reflect off the other side and up the tube. The color scheme of brown and red contrasts with the photo projects' color scheme of black and grey.
Then I played around with stacking strips of cardboard sideways to replicate the texture of the wood strips in my photo design. I also like the ability to see light through the cardboard wall.
Finally, I cut curves out of the sides of the cardboard to resemble the metal spiral in my photo project.
And here they are together!