Meet the RA: Chip

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce you to another of my wonderful RA’s today, Chip! He’s a third year architecture major here at Cal Poly.

When Chip was little, he loved roller coasters. Although architecture and roller coaster design may not seem very similar, they have many common elements. They both focus on people’s experience in a space and interaction with their surroundings. Cal Poly is the perfect fit for Chip because it’s close to his Santa Barbara home and also has an amazing architecture program. His favorite class is Studio because of the connections you make with peers. His Studio even did a Secret Santa winter quarter! Chip is on the way to getting a minor in Sustainable Environments. He believes that it’s important to build eco-friendly and that having a minor in sustainable environments will open doors for him. However, like many other architecture students, he believes that it’s an architect’s responsibility to build sustainably. After he graduates, he wants to get licensed as an architect. His advice for future architectural students is to use the resources available to you (labs, materials, tools) in architecture school to the fullest.