Downtown Sketches

Saturday morning we went to downtown San Luis Obispo. Mark talked about how climate can influence architecture and how cities grow through history. We were given a list of things to sketch (building facades, street lamps, store windows, people on benches, etc.) and went in small groups to explore the town.  

After getting a nice refreshing frozen yogurt, I sat down to draw this building. I love the angles of the roof and the stairwell. 

Then I drew a doorway at Pottery Barn. I like the pattern of the overhang although the perspective isn't perfect.

Next I drew another roof corner that had some hanging lights in front of it. 

Next I drew a light with intricate metalwork. 

And then I drew one of my group members sitting on a bench. 

And last but not least, another store front with cool herringbone pattern brickwork. 

Can't wait to go sketch back in my home town!