Jun 28, 2013

Suspended Music Project

Yesterday we worked on a project in pairs to make something inspired by the rhythm and emotion of music.
My partner and I worked really well together which I was really happy for. We designed our piece with a central twisting black core and neon green arms reaching out of it. Between the twisted core and the stretching arms, the piece has a lot of movement to it which really makes it feel like music.

The neon arms have clear jagged plastic on the bottoms of them which move in the air, giving the piece even more motion.
At the end of each arm is a small water bottle (provided as a drink for the hot day but we used it as a material as well) with more green mesh extending out. The arms really serve to reach out and pull you in to the piece, just like music lures you in.
The center has aluminum foil spiraling around it like a vortex.
And in the very center of the black mesh is a foil circle suspended like a heart, giving the piece even more beat and personality.

"If architecture is frozen music then is music melted architecture?" -Mark

1 comment:

  1. I like the symbolism of the arms pulling you in, like music that lures you in.


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