My SLO Summer: my experience at Cal Poly's Summer Architecture Career Workshop

Hello everyone!
I have very exciting news to share today!! Over the next four weeks I'll be participating in Cal Poly's Summer Architecture Career Workshop. I'll be blogging about the projects I do and my experience here in San Luis Obispo (or SLO as the locals often call it). These posts will all be in a series right here on If Walls Could Dream called "My SLO Summer". You can access it at any time by simply clicking the "My SLO Summer" button at the top of the page or by clicking the "My SLO Summer" logo at the right.

I'm so excited for this amazing opportunity to grow in my architectural abilities and find out if studying architecture is truly the best fit for me. And I'm so glad that you all can share this journey with me!

This post is part of a series nicknamed My SLO Summer. It's about my time at Cal Poly's Summer Architecture Career Workshop, a four week hands-on experience about what it's like to study architecture. You can see the entire series here.