Motivation Monday: Fearless Creativity

Good morning everyone!
We made it through an eventful first night in the dorms complete with a power outage and a massive game of Apples to Apples. We've all drawn our towels and collected our special things for our first morning in the studio and I'm kick-the-covers-off excited! 
For the next four weeks, I'll be sharing both the projects I do in the workshop and the experience I have living and learning at Cal Poly. 
But for those of you who still have dim eyes and shaggy tails, here's some Monday motivation:
Aside from our excitement, I'm sure we're all feeling a little bit nervous about making good first impressions, being away from home, and impressing the professors. So let's start out this week with some fearless creativity to launch us into our mutual dream of becoming architects!


This post is part of a series nicknamed My SLO Summer. It's about my time at Cal Poly's Summer Architecture Career Workshop, a four week hands-on experience about what it's like to study architecture. You can see the entire series here.