Materials Project

Mark and the RAs loved my double cube. I think what made it so successful is how you could tell that they go together no matter where you set them yet they're each unique and contrasting.
For today's project, we were given a bunch of materials (cardboard, aluminum foil, string, paper clips, rubber bands, metal mesh, and uncooked spaghetti noodles) to make, well, anything!
Long story short, my project uses cardboard and aluminum foil to play with light and colors.
I made two tubes out of cardboard lined with aluminum foil. The tube on the left has a flap at the end that you can open and close by pulling the string. It reflects light from the rainbow pattern on the bottom of the box through the tube. The tube on the right also reflects light from the rainbow and you can move it left and right to see the different colors.
I took a very different approach than many of my other classmates and I'm not too crazy about how the outside of the structure turned out, kind of like a big cardboard tank. But I learned a lot about developing ideas and managing my time. My peers were amazed by it but I'll be excited to see how Mark and the RAs respond to it tomorrow morning.