"Whites and Brights" Style Small Home

With environmentally friendly design in mind, I designed this small house to be just that. It's just over 900sqft and has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. This house is designed to not only help the environment in its production by using eco-friendly materials, but help the environment in its future by fostering a healthy lifestyle. It's hallway-less floorplan creates a open, friendly feeling. Other elements, such as the partially outdoor shower and use of sliding doors, help maximize useable space.

The interior is designed in a "Whites & Brights" style, with white walls, light concrete floors, and neutral furniture. Pops of color from accessories bring the design to life, and a mix of textures add sophistication. This design style helps to incorporate industrial finishes as well as antique pieces with a clean and contemporary flare, helping to keep the house environmentally friendly. See my post on How To: Whites & Brights for more ideas. The exterior is all salvaged materials, from shipping crates to barn wood.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of a bright, eco-friendly lifestyle.
What are you dreaming of?