Guest Bedroom Redesign

It's week 2 of If Walls Could Dream's "New Years Resolution Guide to a Beautiful Home". Last Friday we made a quote wall.

This weekend... makeover your guest room!

You always want guests to feel at home when they visit your house, and your new DIY quote wall is sure to attract friends and family to stay longer. But behind that crafty, do-it-yourself persona you've just built for yourself, there's still the bewildered design newbie. It's a good thing I have a whole list of tips for you!

Bed Fit For a Queen
Being as this is a bedroom for your guests, the most important part of the room is the bed. Consider buying a mattress topper if the mattress is old or uneven. Layer on crisp, clean sheets and blankets depending on the season. Be sure to have extra blankets or quilts readily available (maybe in a cute basket at the foot of the bed). Also, provide different pillow options because everyone has a different preference. And of course, don't forget the chocolate on the pillow!

Multiuse Room?
Is your guest room also an office? And a play room, exercise room, storage room? When adding these elements to your room consider ways that they can easily be hidden when guests come. Maybe you could put the desk in the closet so you can simply close the doors when you have guests.

La101956_1106_gt_welcom_xlA cute idea from Happy Living Design to use an old chair as a nightstand in a guest room, complete with towels, water, lotion, and flowers.

Don't Forget the Essentials!
Be sure to provide your guests with space to store their clothes or at least set their suitcase. A simple solution is a small dresser as a nightstand and some hooks on the wall with hangers.
Be sure there's a clock and a reading lamp on the nightstand, there are electrical outlets available for them to change their cell phones, and there's a hair dryer in the bathroom.

Bag It Up
Create a welcome bag (or basket) with some items that may be useful during their stay. Include a card with important information about your house such as a security code or a wifi password. You could also include often-forgotten toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, snacks, and a good book.
And if you want to get really creative, make it all airplane themed, complete with seatbelt instructions, exit maps, a travel blanket, and honey roasted peanuts.