Front Door Makeover

It's the final week of If Walls Could Dream's "New Years Resolution Guide to a Beautiful Home". Last Friday we madeover the kitchen.

This weekend... makeover your front door!

Your front door is the first thing people see when they come to your house. A beautiful front door makes for a beautiful first impression.
Before you start, give it a good dusting to get rid of nasty spider webs and bugs.

Then, pick a bold color! While a bright red or a teal blue is too bold for an entire room, it's perfect for a front door. (And it's easy to repaint if you hate it)
Not that gutsy? Neutrals can be bold too! Try a dark chocolatey brown.
Paint shy? Get a new doormat with a graphic pattern!

Now, accesorize! Add some greenery and a table and chair if you have room. And don't forget the classic door knocker!

1. Sherwin-Williams Red Bay
2. Sherwin-Williams Black Bean
3. Sherwin-Williams Cape Verde
4. Pottery Barn Botanical Door Knocker
5. Crate and Barrel Circles Rubber Doormat