DIY Quote Wall

So you've made a resolution to improve your house this new year? Luckily for you, I'm here to help! Welcome to If Walls Could Dream's "New Years Resolution Guide to a Beautiful Home". Every Friday I'll be posting easy weekend projects you can do to make your house more beautiful.

This weekend... make a quote wall!

Start by making a list of your favorite quotes, favorite song lyrics, or phrases that describe your family.

Pick up a pack of canvases at your local art store and get to work!

You could try using vinyl stickers for your quote and then painting (or better yet, letting your toddler finger paint) the canvas and then peeling the stickers off to revealthe canvas below.

You can also use hot glue to make letters or designs and then paint over it for a 3D quote.

And for those of us slightly less creative, you can always simply print out a quote and ModPodge it onto the canvas.

But don't be limited by the ideas here! Use whatever materials you have around the house, from fabric scraps, to magazine cut-outs, to yarn for cursive writing. You don't even have to use expensive art canvas, old windows, doors, or wood scraps with vinyl letters look cool and rustic.

Next, to design the wall:
Cut pieces of colored paper (or paper grocery bags) to the size of your canvases. Tape these lightweight paper versions of your artwork up on the wall to figure out where each piece should go.

Add in some family photographs, mirrors, and display shelves and voila! A personal, creative, one of a kind art wall that all your friends will be jealous of.

Come back next Friday for another DIY project!