Cornell University

It's my second college review! Last time I introduced Cal Poly. Today I'll be telling you a little about Cornell. It's a small private university in Itaca, New York. It has an amazing architecture program. Now here's some facts:
  • the tuition is about $41,000
  • the acceptance rate is 18%
  • it's on a semester calendar
  • it's school colors are red and white
There are 493 undergraduates in Cornell's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, 82 of which are international representing 30 different countries. There are 278 graduate students and 56 faculty membrers. In addition to their NAAB accredited 5 year Bachelor of Architecture and 3.5 year Master of Architecture program, they offer many other degrees including a Bachelor of Science in History of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies.

Cornell's B.Arch. has recieved 1st place in the DesignIntelligence(DI) survey of America's best architecture and design schools, the fourth time in a row it's won this award. It's graduate architecture program placed fifth behind Harvard, Columia, Yale, and MIT.
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