6 Things To Do With Old Suitcases

 So most of us don't have vintage suitcases just laying around our house, but if you ever happen upon the chance to purchase some, do it!! There's so many cute things you can make out of them, so here's my top 6:

1 Shelves
Cut them long ways and attach them to the wall above a dresser for a funky guest room.

2 Medicine Cabinet
O N S A L E Rustic Vintage Suitcase Vanity - Brown Leather with Checkered Interior - Eco ChicThis one's from Etsy.
Attach a mirror to the front and shelves inside and use it as a medice cabinet in your bathroom.

3 Nightstand
Stack them up as a vintage nightstand.

4 Sewing Kit
slideshow imageThis one's from AllPeopleQuilt

Add elastic or velcro to the top for your scissors and a pouch for patterns, in the bottom there's space for fabric, ribbon, and jars of buttons and pins.

5 Coffee Table
Attach legs to the bottom and a piece of glass on top.

6 Dog Bed
For the suitcases that smell funky already, just add legs and a cushin inside and it's perfect for your petit pooch.