Natural Wallpapered Room with Fireplace

The design for this room was simple: create a basic living room and to have fun experimenting with some new coloring techniques. In the center of the room is a warm fireplace. To one side is a mirror and a large window and to the other is a TV and a dramatic wallpapered accent wall.
The view outside is a lovely little forrest. The window is anchored by navy blue drapes. On the cabinet to the left of the fireplace is a large gold framed mirror and two large vases. The fireplace itself is made of red-yellow brick. To the right of the fireplace is a flatscreen TV and a dramatic wall of wallpaper. Once again, I had a horrible time trying to find wallpaper inspiration on the internet and ended up greating this design on my own. I colored it grey with a hint of purple. The walls are a light blue and the floor and cabinetry are light woodtones.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of pretty wallpaper in a natural living room.