Feb 13, 2012

Natural Home Exterior

On this drawing, I experimented with some exterior styles. I started with a basic sketch of the corner of a house and some trees. I added some molding around the roofline and base of the house with stone at the bottom. Next I outlined and colored the landscape. Next time though, I'd adjust the scale of the trees and shade of the bushes. I think the trees in the back are too small and the bushes are too light in this design. My next step was to color the siding on the house and the windows. I chose warm, earthy orange colors to keep it natural yet contrast with the stone and the landscape. Finally, I finished up the roof.
I used colored pencils on most of the coloring and I used black pens for the outlining and a colored pen for the molding above the stone and below the roof.

If walls could dream... they'd be dreaming of fun new exteriors and landscapes.

1 comment:

  1. I think its great for one of the few outside drawings I've seen from you! keep up the amazing work!



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