Beachy Seaside Room Design

I was inspired to make a room with this type of beamed ceiling from an architecture book I had. I also liked the large, dramatic windows with the bold curtains. To ground the design, I added wainscoting around the lower half of the room and a warm floor rug to balance the colors.
The first thing I designed was the view out the windows, at first it was a meadow with mountains in the background but I decided that it wasn't working with the colors I wanted the interior to be, so I changed the mountains to an ocean and added some yellow sand. I considered leaving it like this because I liked the look of the windows so much, but I stapped a pic and continued on with my coloring.
Next, I dressed up the windows by coloring their casing and curtains. Then I tackled the ceiling. Traditionally I would've gone for dark brown wood beams and lighter wood ceiling, but I decided to experiment with a darker ceiling and a lighter painted beam, which I think worked quite nicely.
Another experiment in the room was the wallpaper. Originally, I was going to do plain green painted walls, but I decided since this was a beach house, I should go with something blue. Once I had a blue base up, I decided that it overpowered the view. So I decided to add a wallpaper design and the fun began. After looking online for an inspirational design for what seemed like forever, I finally came up with one out of my imagination. I used my new electronic eraser (so cool!) to lighten the oval shapes where the design would go I used a white gel pen to add the design.
Finally I colored the wood floors using colored pencils and an orange marker and then I colored the rug to look like on old Persian rug.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of beachy windows perfectly framed in a nautical seaside room.