Colorful and Playful Family Room

The design of this room is sophisticated, and the colors are playful, making it the perfect room for any family.

I was inspired by the article Snap, Crackle, Pop! in the magazine House Beautiful. It was based on white walls and furniture with pops of super colorful accents.
The story I made up to go with my drawing is that the homeowners bought a newly constructed cabin in a snowy forest. They love earthy tones and pops of bright colors, just like the inspiration article.

The room is very open. It has large, modern windows looking out on the showy forests. It has a loft space above and a hallway below. The dark floors and fireplace stone create high contrast against the white walls, like trees in the snow. The hallway is accented with green paint. The green of the hallway paint is balanced by the green of the armchair at the opposite side of the room. These greens go with the turquoises and blues of the rug, lampshade, glass tile around fireplace, chandelier, and accent above the archways to keep your eye moving throughout the space. The bright oranges of the loft couch, mirror frame, lamp, accent book, end table, curtain, and accent vase also keep your eye moving around the space.
If walls could dream, they'd dream of bright colors uniting with sophisticated design.