Another Mediterranean House

This 2 story 3000sqft Mediterranean house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,  2 car garage, office, media room, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and pool. It has a relaxing Mediterranean color scheme of purple, brown, red, and white. This design was born when I was riding in the car, sketching floor plans. The original sketch has little in common with the finished floor plan, except the general shape of the house and the location of the garage, kitchen, and living room.

First Floor:
On the first floor, be sure to check out; "dad's" office (3) and "mom's" office (7); the special garage door for the ride-on lawn mower (14); the outdoor kitchen with barbecue; fridge, freezer, sink, and bar (16); the fire pit (18); the pool with waterfall (17); and the mudroom (12) which connects the backyard (15), bathroom (13), garage (14), and stairwell (11) . 

 Second Floor:
The highlight of the second floor is the media room with stadium seating and a closet for the DVD player (23).
1. Front Porch

2.  Entry Hall

3. Dad's Office

4. Guest Bedroom

5. Laundry

6. Bathroom

7. Mom's Office

8. Living Room

9. Kitchen

10. Dining Room

11. Stairwell

12. Mud Room

13. Bathroom

14. Garage

15. Backyard

16. Back Porch and Outdoor Kitchen

17. Pool
18. Fire Pit

19. Stairwell and Hallway

20. Bedroom

21. Bedroom

22. Bathroom

23. Media Room

24. Master Bedroom

25. Master Bathroom

*= Closet

If walls could dream... they'd dream of sketches turning into full 3D floor plans.