Modern Feminine Apartment

This drawing is part of the Pink Apartment Project
This is another drawing I started in the empty minutes between classes. My original theme was the geometric shape of a small rectangle with a larger one underneath it, as seen in the window frames, recliner and kitchen cabinets. But I didn't use that theme enough so it sorta disappeared. Looking back I see many places I could have used it; in the backsplash tile, in the chandelier, in the breakfast bar chairs, in the bed blanket, or in the painting. My second theme was color: pink, red, and purple to be exact. My favorite part of this theme is the ceiling, because pink is my favorite color. My third theme was fun accessories. See below for where to buy some of the items for your own home. My fourth theme was my genius idea to cut out the windows and put a city photo behind them. I experimented with a few photos I found online but decided to chose a photo I took. This photo is of San Fransisco in 2008.

At the left is the kitchen with the range on the wall and the vegetable sink in the island. Between the wall cabinets and the windows are three wicker decorative vases. This is a great example of what to do with an awkward nook; place large accessories like floor vases, decorative floor lamps, plants, or sculptures.

Atop the recycled glass countertops of the island are a bowl of salad, a vase, and two place settings that match the two pink bar stools. Above the island is a rectangular light. Although I did not draw this light using an inspiration lamp, this lamp is similar:
In the front right is the Murphy bed. You can see the corner of the bright pink sheets peeking out from under the dull purple comforter near the edge of the drawing. Also near the edge notice a small cubby in the shelf serving as a nightstand. Above the nightstand is a letter "d", the first of five spelling "dream". The shelves that the bed fold up into have some storage doors to the left and above the bed with a cork strip for photos or notes near the nightstand secret cubby and a shelf for books just under the top door. If you look really closely you might even be able to see the names of the books. These shelves extend above the living room and are filled with some fun little knick knacks. In the top shelf nearest the window is an antique pot. In the top middle shelf are CB2 nesting dolls. In the top closest shelf are a frame and a gumball machine. In the bottom farthest shelf are block letters spelling "LOVE." In the bottom middle shelf are some colorful boxes. In the bottom closest shelf are an hour glass and this:
In the back right corner of the apartment is the living area. Hanging from the shelves are three old jars filled with a little sand and a tea light candle. Under that is a painting of the city sunset in Paris. To offset the dark recycled countertops I chose a dark recycled barn wood for this wall. The couch is a Stressless Arion low back. And beside it is a cork table and an IKEA Antifoni desk lamp. The recliner is a Stressless Orion. I placed two of my favorite new design elements in the living room. They are called poufs and are simply a round ottoman in a chunky knit cover.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of many themes in a modern, feminine apartment.