Merry Christmas!

I blogged this Christmas living room yesterday, before it was colored.
I decided to color it Italian / Mediterranean. With a color pallet of green, brown, yellow, purple, and a little red. It didn't come out as colorful as I had hoped, but this design has some of my all- time favorite details.
Look for the calendar by the table. What date does it say? December 25!
Look at the food on the table. What is this family going to eat for Christmas breakfast? Holiday O's, Orange Juice, bananas, cinnamon rolls, and fruit salad!
Look for the presents scattered around the room. How many can you count? At least eight!
Look at the tree. How many ornaments can you spot? Thirty!
Look at the book next to the couch. What's it titled? Santa Claus II!
What other details can you spot?

I started this drawing inspired by a fireplace with glass shelves around the chimney and it grew into a whole living room. Then, I decided to add some Christmas details with the presents and decorations, but I was sad I didn't have room for a tree. So, I did the only logical thing. Expanded it into a second drawing! And painstakingly drew the wonderful Christmas tree. Yep, I drew every branch on that thing!

Next, I colored the room. And as you can tell, comparing the original sketch to the colored sketch, I added beams on the ceiling. Inspired by warm Italian colors, I chose a color pallet of green with brown, yellow, and purple. The walls are green, like the walls of a forest. And the ceiling is yellow, like the sunshine. And the biggest accents; the cabinets, furniture, and floor, are brown. The accents are either red (fireplace, tree ribbon, mirror frame...) or purple (rug, pillows, heart painting...) And the room has lots of light from a wall and a half of windows. To color the Christmas tree; I first lightly colored the background colors, then the brown of the trunk. Next, I just used dots of green to make the needles. Lastly, I colored the ribbon, ornaments, presents, and star.

If walls could dream... they'd be tucked in their beds: waiting for Santa to come.