Nautical Seaside Master Bedroom - Colored

Look familiar? Last month I posted this, but it wasn't colored. Although this isn't my ideal paint job, I'm satisfied enough with it. I colored this with my watercolors. Next time, I'll paint the walls a different color, perhaps a light blue or yellow or even just leave them white! The brown walls and brown furniture and brown floors really make the blue pop, but at the same time they blend into a brown mush of boringness. (Yes, spellcheck, that's how you spell boringness) And while I love this drawing because of its detail, next time I'm gonna plan my accents so they spread the color around the whole room. In this design, the cabinet wall at the far left has absolutely no accent color. And the gorgeous headboard blends right into the wall! One of my favorite things about this doodle is the artwork above the bed. It took about 3 seconds to color yet looks like a real painting! I'm also drooling over the pairing of dark hardwood floors and the bright blue/turquoise rug.
If walls could dream... they'd have nightmares of blending into a brown mush of boringness.