Nautical Bedroom

This nautical bedroom is one of my new favorite designs.
It started as just the built-ins on the left and a plain bed, but I soon realized it was destined for much more. I was inspired by a bed I found online and updated the plain bed with this headboard and foot board. Then I added the seating area and accessories.

Nautical is a trendy style right now, so here are my tips on making your bedroom more coastal:
  1. Keep the walls a light neutral like tan or beige. This will be relaxing and fits in with other styles when nautical sails away.
  2. Layer textures and patterns while keeping to a simple color scheme. Nautical design is very eclectic, but keep accessories light and interesting by following this rule. (And sometimes the best accessories are those that don't cost much, so get crafty! Glue sand on the top of a thrift store find table! Glue shells on a hand-me-down mirror frame! Reupholster and paint that chair that's been sitting in your garage for ever!)
  3. Don't overdo the blue and red. These bold colors will make your room less mature.

I'm vacationing at the beach, wait, no, I'm just in my bedroom!