Coffee Kitchen

This is a series of photos marking the changes in this builder-grade kitchen when becoming a magnificent kitchen. (The pictures of the actual steps aren't exactly in order)

My inspiration for this kitchen re-design was a 'coffee' brown color. It was painted on the walls and the other elements followed it's path. The accent color is red. It's picked up in the backsplash and the accessories. There are also flecks of red in the countertop.

Without ripping down any walls or even cabinets (the cabinets were painted), a room can change it's mood. With a little virtual elbow grease, this kitchen went from 'just moved in' to 'just moved up.'

By just taking a few of these steps, you could change the mood of the room. Lighting is always a key element of a room's mood and by updating  your lighting, you update your mood. Paint is important because color is known for creating atmospheres. Like red has the reputation of making you hungry (good in a kitchen, unless you don't want to have to cook...) And if we're talking for staging a home for sale, then accessorizing (and staying clean) is a must.

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If walls could dream... they'd dream of simple kitchen style.