HOUSE part 2

This is the interior to the house I blogged about on Saturday.

In this picture, you see the dining room in front, and the piano corner in back.
The dining room plays with the accent color of the kitchen, lime green by having a lime green table and chair-legs. The tree on the wall behind the table is my take of a room that David Bromstad did on his show Color Splash. You can go to his cite by clicking the following link :
The door you see in between the dining room and piano corner leads to a bedroom and the door you see on the back wall leads to the backyard.
This is a picture of the kitchen. Obviously, it's color scheme is black and white and lime green. The appliances, walls, and main cabinetry are white. With the countertops and base cabinet doors and full cabinet door frames black. And the window, island, and upper cabinet doors lime green.
The inside panel of the full cabinet doors is newsprint. This works well with the color scheme and it is a very "green" "paint"
The door to the far left goes to a bedroom and the door in the back right is the main entrance. When you walk in, you see the staircase (it's hidden by the full cabinets on the right of this picture) and the door to the laundry room, which then leads to the garage, on your left and the kitchen to your right. This arrangement makes bringing groceries to the kitchen from your car a breeze.

This is one of two bedrooms on the first floor of the house.
It's door leads out to the dining room and piano corner.
The color scheme is navy and mustard, which is the team colors for the person who lives here's favorite football team or basketball team or something...
The bed is behind you in this picture and you see the desk and arm chair.

This is the second of the two downstairs bedrooms.
I call it the purple diva room. With purple bookshelves and computer, and edgy cowprint drapery and palid desk chair, this room is ready for any diva you could throw at it!

This is the master bedroom. It is on the upper floor of the house, off the main hallway. It has a brown theme with chocolate sheets, a brown leater chair, and a headboard that looks like it's made of sticks!

If walls could dream... they'd dream of houses where every room has a different color theme.