Here are the interior pictures of the house I blogged on Sunday.

The kitchen!
This kitchen has a bold color palate with the expanse of lime green. I can't really describe what inspired me to color this room this way because I honestly can't remember. It started out as a mousey grey, but that was just too boring. And lime green definetly is not boring. The dining nook in the back left has white painted brick walls. Uh-ma-zing!
The family room!
 It's open to the kitchen and the lime green theme continues too. I love love love the white tree stencil on the wall and the modern rug. The arm chairs are cool too. They say "green green green..."

A bedroom!
This is the first floor bedroom. In contrast to the great room, this room has a neutral, traditional, elegant style.

A bathroom!
This is the vanity in the second floor main bathroom. I love the shelf on top of the backsplash and the shelving unit diving the two sinks.

If walls could dream... they'd dream of lime green and traditional under the same roof.