Apr 17, 2010

Mediterranean Mansion Project (post 3)

This is the first kitchen in the Mediterranean Mansion. It is located to the right of the front entrance. It shares a fireplace with the living room. My favorite part of this kitchen is the white countertops. They are "Snowmelt" by 3form materials.

This is the second kitchen. It is located in the back corner of the mansion. A mud room connects it to the back deck, a deck connects it to the hall and the entry, and a spiral staircase connects it to the second floor. My favorite part of this kitchen is the backsplash. While it looks like horizontal glass tiles, it is really bamboo set in resin. Check it out at http://www.3-form.com/materials-varia_ecoresin-organics-structured_bamboo.php

Come back Monday to see another part of this amazing house!

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