Feb 24, 2010


These are nurseries. Notice that they both have the same floorplan and same furnature, but different color schemes. The top is blue, perfect for a little boy, and the bottom is pink, perfect for a little girl.
The most important thing in a nursery is the crib. Most cribs have vertical poles, but this crib has horizontal. This gives it an unexpected and modern feel. Another important part of a nursery is comfort. The window bench and rug provide comfort. An important part of any space is storage. There is lots of storage in this room. From the built in dresser to the left to the built in bookcase and display shelf.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of nurseries.


  1. One small design input: Horizontal poles on the crib, while modern looking, provide nice ladders for young escape artists... :-)

  2. I think the blue really makes the brown wood stand out and I like the rug because it just looks better. I mean, the little orange lines are better than just a solid color. And also, in the little window area I like that there's an orange pillow with a blue pad instead of a pink pillow with a pink pad. So I like the blue better that the pink.


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