Nature Inspired Bedroom

The top and the bottom are the same design, but one is colored and the other isn't. I bet you can't tell which one is colored! Did I stump you? You're just begging me to give you a hint. Okay, here's the hint: It's not the top one! You still stumped? Okay, I'll just tell you the answer: It's the bottom one!
This nature inspired master bedroom is calming. A great place to see before you close your eyes in the morning and after you open them in the morning. The other walls of this room would be covered in windows to let in the natural light. There would be access to a porch, too.
The paintings are all the same bamboo look, which keeps the natural theme and draws your eye around. The bed to the left has a few pillows, but not too many. The yellow color is the same as the chair in the reading nook. The shelves set in the wall in the headboard are perfect because there wasn't space for nightstands. The shelf above the headboard displays two pieces of artwork, a single rose bud, and a photo tree. The door in the middle of the picture goes to the large walk in closet with plenty of built in storage-every girl's dream. The nook to the right is a relaxing place to read a good book. The soft white rug defines the space. The chair has the same yellow fabric as the bed and is extra tall to balance the visual hight of everything else in the room. The built in bookcase has two open shelves and three closed.
The doors have three layers, from outside to inside they are; wood, a small strip of metal, frosted glass. Very modern and very natural.
Notice the white trim and cieling. It leaves the room open and light. The wood floor is more modern than tile or carpet and a soft, natural stain that matches the doors.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of nature inspired bedrooms.