Feb 10, 2010

Kitchen and Dining Room

This is a kitchen and dining room. To the left is the kitchen and to the right is the dining room. The blue dining room chairs and blue kitchen tile help tie the two spaces together. The spaces are also tied together with the wood flooring and green walls.
Dining rooms are one of the hardest rooms to draw because of all of the overlaping shapes, but kitchens aren't easy either! Bedrooms are the easiest to draw.
I love the bright blue chairs because they draw attention away from the painting above the table. The bright yellow and red bullseye pattern makes it a bold piece, but 6 bright blue chairs are bold, also.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of bright blue chairs.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the painting above the dining room table. And um the chairs look REALLY cool. The cabinets on the ground and like up above the counter I think are really cool and but I think that they're a little too high up.


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