Family Room

This is a family room. Like many family rooms, it must serve many purposes. It's where the guys hang to watch football. It's where momma quilts. It's where the kids play when their friends come over. To handle these three very different needs for the space, I devided the room into three parts. The guy's space is to the left. The kid's space is to the right. Mom's space is behind you.
The guys have a large couch and flatscreen TV, all you need to watch a football game.
The kids have a bookcase along the wall, beanbag chairs, and a soft rug.
The art in this room is a mountain scene and a heart in texting language.
I love the fireplace, even though it was hard to draw. It is the heart of the room, the middle of the three spaces.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of rooms with many purposes.