WOW house

This house is called the WOW house because of its bold colors and 688sqft size.
Shown in the first picture is the dining area. The built-in look of the dining area looks cool and is smaller than a traditional dining set. The accent color in this house is red. Here you see two red benches and two red walls.
 Shown in the second picture is the kitchen. I tried to put everything you would find in a normal-sized kitchen into this 12 foot long built-in. Going from top left to bottom right here are the things found in this kitchen; microwave, oven, dishwasher, sink, storage/prepspace, cooktop, freezer, fridge. The countertop is the red accent in this part of the house.
Shown in the third picture is the office space. If you lived here and did not need an office, this could be a storage area. The red accents here are the chair, computer, and wall.
Shown in the fourth picture is the floorplan. You can see the office in the top left, a bedroom below that, and the large (170sqft!!!) deck in the bottom left. You can see the living room in the top right, the kitchen and dining nook below that and a bedroom in the bottom right. This house has a small laundry closet.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of 170 sqft decks!!!