Kitchen in a Box

This is a kitchen in a box; a simple, modern, money and space saving alternative to a full kitchen. You may have heard the name "kitchen in a box" because that is what Bedrock Creations calls thier DIY countertop kit, but this kitchen in a box is very different.
The different parts of the kitchen in a box are labeled, but they might be a little hard to see. From the top left and around in a clockwise circle they are; freezer, sink, Microwave, range, Dishwasher, and Fridge.
The estimated dimensions are 2'x7'x9'h
I got my inspiration from a full house that just looked like a box in a white room I found in Dwell magazine ( )
If walls could dream... they'd dream of kitchens in boxes.

Want this for real? I found something sumular at It isn't super cool like mine is, but it's an actual company that makes actual kitchenettes.