Grocery Store Bedroom Design

So I decided that today, I was going to draw a bedroom. I had the idea that it would be cool if the headboard matched the ceiling. So I drew my bedroom with the extra tall headboard and the mirror on the left wall and the window on the right wall. I took out my colored pencils and crayons and began coloring.  As I was coloring I thought, "This is either gonna look really good, or take a sour turn at the grocery store!" Well, as sad as I am to say this, I think it took the sour turn at the grocery store. The purple on the walls reminds me of a grape or a blueberry, not a royal castle. The yellow on the headboard, footboard, and ceiling reminds me of mustard, rather than gold. I believe that this room would have turned onto "really good" road if I had kept the walls a neutral gray and made all the accents wood or golden yellow. My favorite part of this room is the mirror, which I think is on "really really good" road.
If walls could dream... sadly, they'd dream of mustard and grapes.