Granny House

This is what is oftenly called a granny house. It is a smaller house on the same property as a larger house. Your grandma could live here, you could let guests stay here, or you could rent it out. This granny house is just over 580sqft with overall dimensions of 25' 0" by 23' 10".
It has one bedroom, spacous enough for a king sized bed. It has one bathroom with double sinks, a shower, bathtub, and combo washer/dryer. The great room has an open feel with no walls between the kitchen/dining room and living room.
Throughout the whole house there are muted tones of blue and green with white carpet in the bedroom and weathered hard wood in the rest of the house. Blue and red are the accent colors. If I had to create a name for this style, I would call it modern beach. The modern parts are the style of the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and the accent color red. The beach parts are the use of ocean tones (blue and green) and the weathered floors.
Many paintings were used in this design. A painting by Cezanne of apples is under a window in the kitchen. A painting by an unknown artist of two people in a forest is the face of a clock in the kitchen (not pictured). A painting by Cezanne of fruit and vases is not pictured. The Mona Lisa by Da Vinci is in the bedroom on top of an amoire.
If walls could dream... they'd dream of granny houses.