A dining room that works with any style

 I didn't know what type of room to draw. I've drawn kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms... but never a dining room. So this is the first dining room I've drawn. For some reason it looks wavy in this image but the lines are straight on the paper.
A rug is always a good idea in a dining room. People will spill things in a dining room and it is easier to clean up on a rug. The busier the rug, the more it will hide stains. While busy, patterned, and colorful rugs are great I chose a plain red rug for this space. (http://www.rugstudio.com/ has many beautiful rugs.)
The graphic artwork and pink chairs offset the large, blocky table, and traditional chocolate brown curtains.
Overall, this dining room has a style that would work in any house, weather traditional, contemporary, or whatever!
If walls could dream... they'd dream of rooms that work with any style.