Design Inspired by Design

This is one of my first and favorite designs. I love the floor and rug. The fireplace makes the space extra cozy. The shelves over the fireplace serve the same purpose as a mantle would, but are less traditional. The red on the back of the shelves again adds to the coziness of the room. This is a very feminine room, with the pink fireplace and floral sheets and pictures. The walls are a light yellow, to keep the room happy and exciting. A neutral, rich, beige color would also work. Having the built-in to the right of the fireplace and the bottom of the bed the same shade of green make the room flow better. The aqua and pink lamp is really bold. Now, I think it would look better as an all orange lamp with a floral shade.

Later, I made a guest room inspired by my first design.
The furniture arrangement is the same, but the colors are more sophisticated. Notice the wonderful maple floors! I wonder if, one day, I'll make a design inspired by this design...

If walls could dream.. they'd dream of design inspired by design.